10% discount on the duo with code PLANTPOWER10

  • Vegan nail polish duo consisting of "Tropical Red" and "Transparent Star".
  • 10% discount on the duo with code PLANTPOWER10
  • For a fiery look and extra care and protection with the 3-in-1 Base & Top Coat and Strengthener.
  • Enriched with vitamins A, C, E and provitamin B5
  • Up to 90% of raw materials used are sourced from sustainable base products**
  • Optimal durability and resistance, as well as quick-drying texture
  • Wide, vegan fan brush for easy application
  • Without Gedøns*


Plant-based Nailpolish Duo Transparent Star & Tropical Red, 24ml
  •   €25.98 *
  • sehr geile Handcreme Rosemary/Ginger, 75 ml
  •   €3.99 *
  • Duschgel Aloe Vera/Gurke, 250 ml
  •   €2.99 *
  • Total price: €32.96 *

    Product Information Plant-based Nailpolish Duo Transparent Star & Tropical Red, 24ml

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    Plant-based Nailpolish Duo Transparent Star & Tropical Red, 24ml

    Hey there, nail polish queen or king! You seem to be looking for a seductive red for your nails. Would you like to have a base and top coat to go with it? Then our nail polish duo with the colour "Tropical Red" and the 3-in-1 base coat, top coat and strengthener "Transparent Star" is just right for you. You'll be the centre of attention!

    Nail polish "Tropical Red"

    You have power! Just like our vegan red nail polish in Tropical Red, because its intense colour will make your nails glow. Its ingredients are 90% sustainably grown base products** and its formula with vitamins A, C, E and provitamin B5 is like a pampering programme that nourishes your nails beautifully. This nail polish is 22+free***, which means it is free from harmful chemicals. It has optimal durability and resistance, so you're ready for all the day's challenges. You're not waiting for anyone, not even slow-drying nail polish. And you don't have to, because our nail polish has a fast-drying formula. Be ready for compliments and maybe a few envious glances, because with this red nail polish, you're guaranteed to be the centre of attention. g So paint your nails and be ready to conquer the world!

    Nai polish "Transparent Star"

    Everything you want and still invisible? Is that possible? Sure, with our 3-in-1 transparent nail polish, which is base coat, top coat and strengthener in one. It protects your nails from discolouration, strengthens them and gives your coloured nail polish a shiny finish. Our all-in-one solution is vegan with ingredients that are 90% sustainably grown base products** and a care formula that contains vitamins A, C, E and provitamin B5. Strengthen and maintain your nails with a clear conscience! Plus, our Transparent Star 22+free*** nail polish is free from harmful chemicals, durable and fast-drying. Why waste time and money on separate base coats, top coats and strengtheners when you can have it all in one? Just apply and go - your nails will thank you!

    ** These include potato, beetroot, spelt, sugar cane, cassava or corn.

    *** Propyl Acetate/Ethyl Tosylamide/Triphenyl Phosphate (TPP/TPHP)/Phtalate, Dibutyl phthalate (DBP)/Diethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP)/Toluene/Methylbenzene/Xylene/Camphor/Formaldehyde/Formaldehyde resin/Colophonium/Halogen Organics (AOX)/Parabens/Silicone/Acetone/Fragrances/Fragrance Oils/MOAH (Mineral Oil Aromatic Hydrocarbons), MOSH (Mineral Oil Saturated Hydrocarbons)/Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Benzophenone-3, 2-Hydroxy-4-methoxybenzophenone, Benzophenone-4/Triethanolamine/Microplastics/Animal Ingredients/Animal Testing

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