Sonnenpflege für empfindliche Kinderhaut

  • Sun care for sensitive children's skin
  • Very high immediate protection
  • Contains no silicones, parabens, octocrylene, microplastics, nanoparticles, mineral oils, fragrances, dyes, or comedogenic ingredients***
  • Sun lotion and face cream compliant with Hawaii reef law
  • Made in Germany
  • without Gedøns*
  • Dermatologically tested for skin compatibility


Sommer Essentials Set – Adult
  •   €31.97 *
  • After Sun Pflege Lotion, 250ml
  •   €6.99 *
  • Sommer Essentials Set – Adult
  •   €27.47 *
  • Total price: €66.43 *

    Product Information Sommer Essentials Set – Adult

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    Sommer Essentials Set – Adult

    Our Summer Essentials Set - Kids is the perfect companion for your next summer vacation with the little ones. It contains three essential products for effective sun protection, tailored to the special needs of sensitive children's skin.


    Sensitive Kids Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50+

    The Sensitive Kids Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50+ provides reliable immediate protection, is water-resistant, and compliant with the Hawaii Reef Law. Our vegan formula with squalane and vitamin E helps prevent premature skin aging with regular use and is free of silicones, parabens, microplastics, nanoparticles, mineral oils, octocrylene, perfumes, dyes, and comedogenic ingredients.


    Sensitive Sunscreen Face Cream SPF 50+

    For a special protection requirement, there is our Sensitive Sunscreen Face Cream, which is specifically tailored to the sensitive facial skin. This blocks harmful UVA and UVB rays and provides your skin with useful nutrients such as glycerin for more moisture without leaving a greasy film. The skin on the face is particularly sensitive due to constant sun exposure and its structure requires higher protection than the rest of the body.


    Après Sun Aloe Vera Gel

    The Après Sun Aloe Vera Gel is not only a great care product after sunbathing, but also a versatile product for many other skin problems. The skin-soothing effect of the vegan gel is achieved by the combination of aloe vera with glycerin, witch hazel water, and sodium PCA. The gel is quickly absorbed and leaves no oily residue. As it is made without silicones, parabens, emulsifiers, and microplastics, it is also suitable for sensitive skin. With its super concentration of aloe vera, it offers a 100% concentration of the valuable active ingredient, also known as the "doctor in the flower pot."


    With our Summer Essentials Set - Kids, you have the optimal protection for sensitive children's skin, especially on the face, and can enjoy the sun without worries. However, it is important to apply the sunscreen generously and refresh it multiple times after swimming or sweating. Additionally, you should protect your children from direct sun exposure and wear protective clothing for healthy and beautiful skin in summer and beyond.

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