Scent Experience in a high quality glass flacon from the Boutique Collection with Rosemary/Ginger fragrance

  • Eau de Toilette with Rosemary/Ginger fragrance
  • Slim, high-quality glass flacon for a fragrance experience to go
  • Smells lively, herbal fresh of rosemary and ginger
  • Unisex fragrance
  • Find your Signature Scent with our Scent Experiences: available in four scents
  • With practical pump sprayer for the perfect spray dosage
  • Without Gedøns*
  • Skin compatibility dermatologically confirmed


Scent Experience Rosemary/Ginger INT, 10 ml
  •   €7.99 *
  • Scent Experience Bergamot/Cedarwood INT, 10 ml
  •   €7.99 *
  • Scent Experience Cardamom/Tonka INT, 10 ml
  •   €7.99 *
  • Total price: €23.97 *

    Product Information Scent Experience Rosemary/Ginger INT, 10 ml

    10 ML (€79.90 * / 100 ML)

    Scent Experience Rosemary/Ginger INT, 10 ml

    This is not an eau de toilette, this is a Scent Experience ...

    ... Len thought to himself when he first sniffed the high-quality glass bottle containing our Rosemary/Ginger fragrance. The lively and spicy-fresh best-selling fragrance has been transformed here for you into a fragrance experience to go. Small luxury moments in everyday life are hereby guaranteed to you.

    Composed by perfumers

    Rosemary/Ginger has long been an important signature scent in our collections. And yet, here we want to remind you once again what you are getting yourself into with this scent. Imagine walking through sun-drenched gardens in Mediterranean countries. A feeling of calm and serenity flows through you as you savor every moment to the fullest. Spicy-fresh scents of rosemary and ginger envelop you as you hold your face to the sun and inhale deeply. Rosemary/Ginger is a unisex fragrance and therefore truly suitable for everyone.

    Give away luxurious fragrance moments

    With the Scent Experience Rosemary/Ginger you can not only send your own senses on a journey. Also let others share in luxurious scent moments and give your loved ones a little joy with Jean&Len Boutique. The slim flacon is the perfect little gift for a birthday, a dinner invitation or for a homemade, high-quality Advent calendar. So you conjure joy in faces and a touch of luxury in the everyday life of your loved ones.

    Discover our Scent Experience as three more fragrances: warm-soft Cardamom/Tonka, floral-romantic Peony/Lychee and tangy-spicy Bergamot/Cedarwood.

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    Scent:süß, orientalisch
    Aktionen:Für Deinen Halloween Self-Care Abend
    Product type:Kerze




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    von am 7 May 2024

    Riecht frisch und „anders“. Könnte länger anhalten. Aber das ist Hautsache?

    von am 11 Mar 2024

    Riecht erfrischend, der Duft hält lange an

    Würzig und erfrisched
    von am 4 Mar 2024

    Sehr toller Duft, ob als Handcreme oder Seife, der Duft hält ewig lange.
    von am 1 Jan 2024

    Ein Traum!
    von am 3 Dec 2023

    von am 19 Nov 2023

    Sehr intensiver Duft, reicht wenig aus, ist viel intensiver als die Waschlotion