Environmental aspects and animal protection

Environmental compatibility

We have decided that we want to manufacture our products in Germany in order to avoid long transport distances.
The main environmental issues are the use of plastic bottles and palm oil-based ingredients, which we ourselves critically question.
As far as bottles are concerned, we are always on the lookout for more environmentally friendly alternatives (e.g. green plastic, i.e. plastics for which plant fibres are used, refill packs, etc.). There are still some stumbling blocks for us to overcome on this issue, but we are working on it.
We are well aware of the problems associated with the use of palm oil and palm oil derivatives. In fact, much more can and must be done in this area to find solutions for a better handling of our earth and the habitat of many animals and people.

Animal testing

When developing our products, we refrain from animal testing both of the finished product and of the individual ingredients. We also do not commission these externally, e.g. from our suppliers.

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