Palm Oil

In fact, some of our products contain ingredients made from palm oil. We want to make products that are good for people and animals, that are vegan and don't contain nasties, but that also keep their product promises at a price that allows almost everyone to use them. Based on these factors, we are currently dependent on the use of palm oil derivatives in order to avoid other critically discussed ingredients.
We are constantly striving to improve our products as a responsible approach to the environment and, of course, keep an eye on developments regarding alternatives to palm oil-based ingredients for our products.
We only source palm oil-based ingredients from suppliers who are certified for sustainable cultivation.

Sodium Laureth Sulphates

The natural cosmetic ingredients used in our Jean&Len philosophy products have a relatively strong odour, which does not go well with all fragrances. In this respect, it is difficult to bring out extraordinary fragrances in these recipes.
In order to be able to offer exceptional fragrances in Alchimiste products, we have decided to use an SLS-based soap formulation. We still do without parabens, silicones and animal ingredients. And of course, there is still our Jean&Len philosophy foam soap with mild sugar surfactants without SLS.


The Sun Protection Factor (SPF) indicates by waht factor your skin's own protection against sunburn is increased by using the sunscreen product.
An example: You have very light skin and belong to the group with the most sensitive skin type 1. The self-protection time of your skin is about ten minutes. If you spray yourself with SPF 30, you could theoretically spend 300 minutes (10 minutes x 30) in the sun without burning yourself. However, caution is advised here, as the full sun protection factor indicated on the sunscreen is rarely achieved, as the amount of sunscreen required for this is only rarely applied to the skin. We therefore recommend that this theoretical maximum time is only used up to 60 percent. This means for the above example: 60 percent of 300 minutes = 180 minutes. It is very important to apply the cream thick enough. An adult needs 30-40 ml (equivalent to five to six tablespoons) for one complete body application.
You also need to apply cream repeatedly, at least every two hours and additionally, if you have sweated, after swimming, after drying or if clothes, sand or something else could have worn off the sun cream. Repeatedly applying sunscreen only guarantees that the protective effect is maintained. It does not prolong it.


The cross- and co-polymers used in the sun sprays are liquid plastics, which we need in the current formulation as film formers to increase the water resistance of the sprays and thus ensure the promised sun protection.
We are not 100% happy with the use of liquid plastics in our sun sprays. We would like to clarify that the ingredients mentioned are not the small plastic beads classically called microplastics, which can be found in toothpastes, peelings, etc..
We know that our sun protection product can still be improved and would like to revise it, but unfortunately we have not yet found a solution to do without liquid plastics within the framework of this formulation.
We are looking for alternative formulations that do without microplastics, which are also user-friendly, non-sticky and non-whitening.

Why do you use alcohol as a preservative in some skin care products?

It is true that pure alcohol dries out the skin, but a face cream contains high amounts of oils and moisturizers that prevent this effect. The alcohol evaporates due to the warmth of the skin, the oils and moisturizers remain on the skin and replenish it.
Alcohol only has a cytotoxic effect when it effects cells permanently, e.g. when ingested. However, if it can evaporate from the skin, it is not dangerous. Since the compatibility and safety of our products are important to us, we have skin compatibility tests carried out with our skin creams by dermatologists to be sure.

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