Our mission

Jean&Len Philosophie Series

What touches you becomes part of you.
Apart from what we wear, few products touch our bodies as frequently and directly as cosmetics and care products.

Jean&Len Alchimiste Series

Anyone who enjoys special fragrances and exceptional performance can enjoy our Jean&Len Alchimiste series. Because the requirements we have for our care products often cannot be realized 100% with pure natural cosmetics, we combine the best of nature with the effectiveness from the laboratory.

What is the idea behind the brand?

With Jean&Len we close the gap between traditional, dogmatic natural cosmetics, which have natural ingredients but often look boring and "eco", and stylish and pleasurable products. We see ourselves as a brand close to natural cosmetics. Our products look different and stylish and have only vegan ingredients, which we carefully choose to guarantee an effective product with as little critical ingredients as possible.

Why don’t you have a natural cosmetics certification?

As far as certifications are concerned, we have deliberately decided against labelling. We believe that a customer is rather confused than assured by the many different certification standards. In addition, there are more and more certifications that customers often do not know by heart.
Our goal is to create an honest brand image with Jean&Len and to build so much trust that the customer believes that we offer good products, even without an additional logo. Also, we assure that our products are 100% vegan.

Can I buy refill packs?

We currently are working very hard to incorporate refill packs into our product range. Since we are still quite a small business, this takes some time. If you are interested in our refill packs, please sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social media. This is where we will first let our fans know when the refill packs are ready!

Do you have smaller sizes for travel or to test the products?

Right now, we don’t offer any smaller product sizes than the regular ones. Producing travel sizes is incredibly expensive and just not in our budget yet.

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